Training for Gold - our learning produces better results in the chair!


Lifelong success comes from being a lifelong learner. We can all agree that you learn the bulk of your industry knowledge once you are in your applied field. Textbooks and simulated situations will only take you so far, and that’s why we believe in ongoing, real time education for our staff. Keeping our skills sharp and our knowledge of the hottest trends is an incredibly important factor in providing you with a superior salon experience. This month we got to sit down with the pro’s from EVO and expend our knowledge of their product lines! If you are considering a color service, have a quick read on what EVO has to offer you!

If you are considering a color service, this is a love letter for you and your locks!


Evo Fab Pro: Fab Pro is a highly customizable coloring system that allows your stylist to expertly match your existing color by mixing a unique-to-you coloring cocktail to get you that perfect hue you’ve been looking for! With Fab Pro’s unlimited coloring range the only limit is your sense of adventure!
To keep your color day-one fresh, your stylist can send you home with a customized color maintenance conditioner that will ensure your hair is nourished and getting a small dose of your salon color every time you condition those locks!

Staino: Fab Pro’s funky little sister. She’s got serious style and lots of personality, and if you are looking to make a bold statement, she is the one you want on your side. Staino offers a pigment heavy ROYGBV(remember that one from middle school?) of colors to suit whatever pastel hue you are looking for! This spunky color system doesn’t call it quits easily either. It will sticking with you through thick and thin for at least 50 washes! That’s A LOT!

Both Fab Pro and Staino hair dyes are ammonia and peroxide free(Yay!) making them a gentler option for you coloring needs and with unlimited options you can be sure that you’re going to get a color you LOVE! Chat with us about Fab Pro or Staino next time you’re in, part of why we love our job so much is that we get to educate our clients on not just what we are doing, but how we do it! The more you understand about the products and techniques used in your styling session give you more power to maintain and product salon quality effects days after day!